Jeremy C. W. Chan

I am an MPhil student working with Prof. Patrick P.C. Lee in the Advanced Networking and System Research Laboratory, CSE Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I graduated with a double degree in Computer Engineering and BBA with first class honours in 2012.

I am a TA for the course CSCI4180 Introduction to Cloud Computing and ENGG5105/CSCI5470 Computer and Network Security.


My research is about building high-performance distributed storage systems with reliability. In particular, I tackle performance issues in erasure-coded storage systems. My primary project is CodFS, which is an inline erasure-coded storage with efficient update and recovery. I am also looking into SSD systems.

DiskSim with SSD Extension is a very useful tool for evaluating the SSD designs. The original SSD Extension from Microsoft requires a few modifications before it can be compiled by latest gcc. To save you the hassle, I give you a patched source code of DiskSim + trac + ssd_add_on, all in one package: disksim-4.0-with-ssd.tar.gz. Please note that it can only be compiled and run on 32-bit Linux.


Jeremy C. W. Chan, Qian Ding, Patrick P. C. Lee and Helen H. W. Chan
"Parity Logging with Reserved Space: Towards Efficient Updates and Recovery in Erasure-coded Clustered Storage"
The 12th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 2014), Santa Clara, CA, February 2014.
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About Me

I'm a technology enthusiast (a.k.a, a geek). I can read and talk about gadgets and hardware all day. To keep myself fit (not getting fatter), I run and swim at least twice a week. I regard myself as the endurance (i.e., slow) type of athlete. Recently, I've picked up scuba diving and am now a Rescue Diver. My target is to complete the Olympic distance Triathlon and become a Divemaster in the coming three years.


Aug 2014: I have left CUHK and taken a full-time employment. However, you are most welcome to email me at . I will reply you as soon as I can.