Jeremy C. W. Chan

I am an MPhil student working with Prof. Patrick P.C. Lee in the Advanced Networking and System Research Laboratory, CSE Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I graduated with a double degree in Computer Engineering and BBA with first class honours in 2012.

I am a TA for the course CSCI4180 Introduction to Cloud Computing and ENGG5105/CSCI5470 Computer and Network Security.


My research is about building high-performance distributed storage systems with reliability. In particular, I tackle performance issues in erasure-coded storage systems. My primary project is CodFS, which is an inline erasure-coded storage with efficient update and recovery. I am also looking into SSD systems.

DiskSim with SSD Extension is a very useful tool for evaluating the SSD designs. The original SSD Extension from Microsoft requires a few modifications before it can be compiled by latest gcc. To save you the hassle, I give you a patched source code of DiskSim + trac + ssd_add_on, all in one package: disksim-4.0-with-ssd.tar.gz. Please note that it can only be compiled and run on 32-bit Linux.


Jeremy C. W. Chan, Qian Ding, Patrick P. C. Lee and Helen H. W. Chan
"Parity Logging with Reserved Space: Towards Efficient Updates and Recovery in Erasure-coded Clustered Storage"
The 12th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST 2014), Santa Clara, CA, February 2014.
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About Me

I'm a technology enthusiast (a.k.a, a geek). I can read and talk about gadgets and hardware all day. To keep myself fit (not getting fatter), I run and swim at least twice a week. I regard myself as the endurance (i.e., slow) type of athlete. Recently, I've picked up scuba diving and am now a Rescue Diver. My target is to complete the Olympic distance Triathlon and become a Divemaster in the coming three years.


Room 118
Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, Hong Kong

Please feel free to email me at . I will reply you as soon as I can.